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We specialize in longform content based on original interviews and research. Here are some of the ways we can help you build brand awareness and generate leads.
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eBooks and reports

Downloadable assets your customers will read and share with their peers.

How-to guides
Narrative eBooks
Data reports
Expert interviews
Design available
Person sitting behind a laptop writing a blog post

Blog writing

Recurring blog posts on the topics your audience cares about most.

Thought leadership
Performance content
Product showcases
Expert interviews
Design available
Person looking at a computer screen showing a microsite


Magazine-style publications covering multiple angles and perspectives.

People profiles
Strategy teardowns
Content pillars
Expert interviews
Design available
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Narrative and interview podcasts to educate and inspire your audience.

Narrative profiles
Conversational Q&As
Thematic miniseries
Optional interviewer
Audio production available
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Executive thought leadership that builds personal and company brands.

External publications
Bylined blog posts
Full-length books
In-depth interviews
Design available
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Case studies

Customer stories that mix compelling narratives with impactful results.

Narrative customer stories
Traditional case studies
Magazine-style profiles
In-depth interviews
Design available
Project Types

Content that works for your budget, goals, and needs.

Some projects work best as one-offs, while others warrant a longer engagement. We value every partnership and aim to help our clients create outstanding content in as many ways as possible.

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One-off projects

Best for large projects and bundles, we scope out a volume of work and approach it as a single engagement.


Long eBook or microsite
Survey report with design
eBook with supporting blogs
$15K project minimum
Arrow pointing in a circle to indicate "recurring project"

Recurring projects

Ideal for regular and recurring deliverables such as blog writing, podcasts, and quarterly eBooks.


Blog series (2-4 per month)
eBooks (1-2 per quarter)
Podcasts (1 episode per month)
$5-10K per month
Arrows branching off in different directions to indicate "Flexible retainers"

Flexible retainers

Get a set number of credits each quarter, along with a rate card or "menu" of options, including design.


Written and designed content
Customized based on need
Monthly creative meeting
$5-10K per month

“Two of the most difficult things about adding a content agency to your in-house team as a large B2B SaaS business are keeping projects on track and teasing out relevant insights for a range of different topics. Campfire Labs' team is excellent at both, from making sure projects are executed in a timely manner and doing all the little things, like following up and making revisions on time, to interviewing experts and finding that journalistic angle that takes a boring, everyday business topic to a much more interesting place.”

Grace Lau
Director of Content

“When somebody lands on an article, eBook, or blog post, that's oftentimes the first interaction they have with your brand. You better be sure it's compelling, thoughtful, and enticing enough to drive them to want to learn more. That's where partners like Campfire come in. They manage the entire project from ideation to execution, allowing you to maintain quality without sacrificing quantity. When I receive a draft to review, they’re near perfect and only need a few tweaks here and there with minimal effort on my part.”

Elle Brayton
Director of Content

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