How Campfire Labs Helped Spekit Create and Own a New Category

Spekit’s marketing team knew they had a powerful story to tell. The problem was, they lacked the resources to publish everything they wanted. They called on Campfire Labs to compile strategies from respected learning and development leaders and write the ultimate book on digital enablement.

Key results

200+ eBook downloads
20+ deals accelerated
Net-new opportunities created

Insights from

Elle Brayton
Head of Brand


Microsite, eBook, Ghostwriting


Overhauling learning and development

The old ways of workplace training are broken. Lengthy in-person training sessions bore employees. Learning management systems (LMS) feel detached from how people actually work. Most learning and development (L&D) programs deliver one-off training sessions instead of continual reinforcement.

Spekit flipped the script on the status quo.

By consolidating LMSs, knowledge management, and digital adoption into one platform, their product delivers uniquely personalized, bite-sized, hyper-relevant training to employees. They call this new approach digital enablement

Although their new approach makes sense, winning over experienced L&D and enablement practitioners was an uphill battle. Digital enablement challenged decades-old dogma, and Spekit needed proof that it worked.

Elle Brayton, Spekit’s Head of Brand, envisioned an inspiring book full of profiles and success stories. Instead of selling prospects on the theoretical value of digital enablement, she’d show them how it’s already transforming L&D and enablement at world-leading companies.

Assessing the scale of the project and realizing she couldn’t do it alone, she began looking for a partner she could trust to tell the digital enablement story. That’s how she discovered Campfire Labs.

“After reading the stories Campfire Labs had prepared for similar B2B clients, I was confident that their team could connect with our customers and support our efforts to share their stories with the world,” she says.


Managed from end to end

Calling on Spekit’s network of customers, Brayton shortlisted seven outstanding learning leaders and assigned each one a chapter—sales enablement, employee onboarding, change management, and so on. With the basic planning done, Campfire Labs took over.

Campfire Labs’ project management team coordinated with the learning leaders to brief them on the project and schedule calls. Staff writer David Vallance ran the interviews, teasing out each subject’s most interesting stories, achievements, and ideas. After each call, he ghostwrote a chapter in the interviewee’s voice, worked with them directly on revisions, and selected the best audio clips for promotional audiograms.

“I didn't have time to coordinate schedules, arrange meetings with customers, and manage heavy rewrites to content,” says Brayton. “The Campfire Labs team managed the entire production from ideation to execution. When I received a draft to review, they were near perfect and only needed a few tweaks here and there with minimal effort on my part.”


Downloads, opportunities, and deals

Brayton launched the microsite and eBook with a social media push, audiograms, and paid promotion. She’d set an initial goal of 150 downloads, but the campaign quickly surpassed that threshold.

“We exceeded our target with over 200 downloads and counting,” says Brayton. “The eBook has also been the first touch for multiple new opportunities and has influenced many more, helping to accelerate pipeline down the funnel.”

It cemented the digital enablement concept in the L&D industry and established Spekit as a thought leader in the space. With the eBook continuing to deliver results, Brayton is already planning her next ambitious flagship content project.

“When somebody lands on an article, an eBook, or a blog post, oftentimes that's the first interaction they have with your brand,” she says. “You better be sure it's compelling, thoughtful, and enticing enough to drive them to want to learn more. That's where partners like Campfire come in. They allow you to maintain quality without sacrificing quantity.”

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