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We're looking for a Content Lead to manage client relationships, drive editorial processes, and make sure we deliver world-class content.

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About the position

Campfire Labs is a content marketing agency that helps brands like Dropbox, Asana and Notion tell stories that inspire. As a mission-driven company, we also invest in independent media projects that inspire climate action. We offer our team generous benefits like a 4-day work week, 4 weeks of paid time off and health insurance.

We're currently looking for a Content Lead to manage client relationships, drive editorial processes, and make sure we deliver world-class content. If you're interested, here's a little more about what we're looking for.


  • Read and edit drafts for quality and alignment with client’s vision
  • Communicate with clients to understand the story they’re trying to tell
  • Be a champion for the client during the writing and editing process
  • Help writers understand and achieve the client’s vision
  • Communicate structural, conceptual, and other high-level feedback to writers
  • Support our clients in crafting their content strategy based on their business goals
  • Build a streamlined editorial process and strategy
  • Hire freelance writers and assign projects to them based on their strengths
  • Oversee editorial production and standards for in-house and freelance writers and editors
  • Manage client accounts, including client communications and content delivery
  • Support the Campfire leadership team by collaborating on strategy and company direction

While you may have to write content occasionally, you won’t be writing every day.

What you might do in a typical day

  • Kick off the day by editing articles from a couple of our writers. Align articles with the customer’s marketing goals, house style, and content strategy
  • Jump on customer calls to walk through what we’re working on for them, get feedback, and brainstorm upcoming ideas
  • Work on internal projects to build the business. This might mean collaborating on our Campfire content strategy, building new operational processes to increase efficiency, or trialing a vetting and testing process for future editorial roles.

What we're looking for

  • Editorial management experience — You’ve managed content production before, either on a marketing team or in a newsroom.
  • B2B, SaaS, and marketing experience: Nearly all of our customers are in these fields. Having written for one or more of these areas in the past will help you get up to speed much faster.
  • Narrative writing and editing experience — You've written and edited narrative non-fiction on a marketing team or in a newsroom. You know how to tell a great story and help others do the same.
  • Strong communication skills — You know how to write a great email and lead a call with multiple people on it. Written and verbal communication are your core strengths.
  • Organization and project management skills — You’ve managed projects using a tool like ClickUp, Asana, Airtable, Notion, etc. You care about organization and know how to meet deadlines
  • Proactivity - You suggest improvements that will benefit the business and our customers.
  • Growth-mindset - You’re always growing as an individual and are excited to help us grow our business.

Campfire Labs culture

Healthy growth

We see sustainable business growth as a good objective that brings opportunities for our team. We don’t believe in growth at all costs, but we are excited by the challenges sustainable growth brings.

Discipline & data

We don’t change strategy every week, we don’t chase shiny objects, and we don’t make decisions based on “vibes”. Instead, we work off empirical data and experiments. Sometimes we say no to short-term opportunities because we’re focused on long-term growth, and that’s ok.


We believe the best way to take care of our people is to take care of our customers. We’re building a structure that allows our team to do their best work for customers, and systems that support great customer outcomes.

No ego, no drama

We’re hungry for feedback from our customers and our colleagues, and welcome constructive critique. We assume positive intent and leave our egos at the door. We value calm, productive debate, and we’ve got no time for drama. 


We are insatiably curious. We love to learn, ask questions, and better understand the world and people around us.

Speedy self-starters

We get stuff done. We’re speedy but never sloppy. We strive to do our best without getting hung up on perfection. We work independently towards a common goal, and we take personal growth and career development into our own hands.

Compensation and benefits

The salary for this role is $100,000 per year.

We also offer everyone on our team the following benefits:

  • A 4-day work week
  • 4 weeks (16 days) of personal paid time off per year
  • Health, dental, and vision benefits, including dependent coverage (US-based team members only)
  • A 401K and RRSP matching program (US-based team members only)
  • $1,000 per year to spend on anything you think will help you work better
  • Growth opportunities and mentorship